Stories & Essays


-“Downhill” in The Bureau Dispatch, Volume 4

-“The Range” in West Branch, Issue 100

-“Pike Lake” in American Literary Review, April 29, 2022

-“Wherever, Anyplace” in The Rumpus, April 25, 2022

-“Extended Stay at Flip-Flops Luxury Resort” in Barrelhouse, Issue 22 (print) (nominated for the Pushcart Prize)

-“Des(s)ert” in Quarterly West, Issue 103, Summer 2021

-“Stray” in Cream City Review, Issue 44.1, Spring 2020

-“Daily Routine” in Hayden’s Ferry Review, Issue 64: Magic, August 2019

-“Waiting for the Rain” in Platypus Press shorts series, July 27, 2019

-“Anyplace, Wherever” in Cosmonauts Avenue, February 28, 2018

-“Flag Girl” in Joyland, October 12, 2017

-“Floor to Ceiling” in decomP, September/October 2017 issue

-“Our Wilder Selves” in Gigantic Sequins, issue 8.2, July 2017 (nominated for the Pushcart Prize)

-“New Look” in Limestone, Summer 2017 issue, April 2017

-“We Are Still The Mountain” in Tahoma Literary Review, issue 9, April 2017 (nominated for the Pushcart Prize)


-“On Editorial Imposter Syndrome” in Chicago Review of Books, March 17, 2023

-“On The Short Stories of Naira Kuzmich” in Literary Hub, December 22, 2022

-“The Spatial Dynamics of ‘Cat Person‘” in TriQuarterly, September 9, 2022

-“Trying to Devour My Climate Anxiety” in Catapult, August 23, 2022

-“Fluctuations” in The Offing, July 28, 2022

-“No tags, please, we’re hiking: is Instagram so bad for the great outdoors?”  in The Guardian, July 7, 2022

-“There is a Perfect Mile-long Song and I’ve Been Chasing It for 15 Years” in Runner’s World, Issue 4, 2022

-“The Comfort of Time Loops in the Age of Climate Crisis”  in Catapult, March 7, 2022

-“Heroes Will Not Save Us from the Climate Change Crisis” in Electric Literature, January 19, 2022

-“Shattering the Ethnic Monolith Myth in ‘The Gimmicks’” in The Rumpus, August 3, 2021

-“Apples to Apples” in Essay Daily, July 13, 2021

-“Abstraction and Legacy in Bluebeard and So Much Blue” in Ploughshares blog, April 1, 2021

-“The Promise of Werfel’s Musa Dagh: Portraying Genocide in Fiction” in The Rumpus, June 30, 2020

-“The Spatialization of Fiction” in Ploughshares blog, May 7, 2020

-“My Quarantine Obsession: Learning to Dunk” in Barrelhouse blog, April 29, 2020

Populating Fiction in the Age of Social Isolation” in Pidgeonholes, April 23, 2020

Economics of Writing Spring Symposium, in Boulevard, Volume 35, No. 2&3, Spring 2020

-“Bearing the Weight of my Grandfathers’ Old Clothes” in Longreads, June 14, 2019

-“Heavy-Headed” in Gulf Coast online, March 11, 2019

-“Animal Kingdom” in THE BOILER, January 28, 2019 (nominated for Best of the Net and the Pushcart Prize)

-“Car Crash in Reverse” in Booth, November 30, 2018

-“Writing to Avoid Erasure” in Longreads, November 30, 2018

-“How Learning to Make Pizza Helped Me Train for a Marathon” in Entropy, September 24, 2018

-“Weighing the Costs – and Occasional Benefits – of Ethnic Ambiguity” in Longreads, September 11, 2018 (Included in Entropy’s Best Essays of 2018)

-“Revisiting William Saroyan’s ‘My Name is Aram’” in The Millions, June 28, 2018

-“How to Exploit Your Ancestors” in CHEAP POP, March 6, 2018 (nominated for Best of the Net and the Pushcart Prize)

-“Narrative Structures of Diasporic Armenian Trauma” in Ploughshares blog, January 15, 2018

-“Iris Murdoch and the Limits of Language” in The Millions, September 8, 2017